Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies

SPECTACULAR! The opening ceremonies for the Vanvouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games was awesome! At first I knew it wasn't going to be even close to Beijing. It started becoming true because they just sang the anthem and then it was the parade of nations. So I thought it was over. But then they have like snow falling and this native american walking on ice. Then more people came. The he raised the stick he was holding and banged it into the ice. And out of nowhere coming out from the ground comes this giant magical polar bear and waves its hands! And now the people are glowing. But then the ice starts breaking and they float away. Then these totem poles sprout out of the ground and turn into trees and the whole place becomes a forest. Modern people come and Sarah Mclachlan sings a song. Then later this man dressed punk appears on a flying canoe and plays the fiddle. You can see his shadow on the moon and he starts battling with the fiddle with his shadow. the these giant maple leaves float and form a platform. Then these people dressed punk come out and surrond the platform. This man on the platform yells something I'm guessing was french and everybody goes crazy and starts tap dancing and playing fiddles and going crazy! Then there is this solo of tap dancing and then they go crazy again. Everything clears on the stage and this person starts running on a plain. He flys and then these mountains come out and people on snowboards and skis start flying around the mountain. They clear and a video of the best olympic performances shows on the mountain. Later there is fireworks and then the torch comes in. He carrys the flame to somebody else and so forth and then though technical difficulties, three of four pillars rise and hold up the bonfire plate. Each person goes and lights a pillar and the pillars set the plate on fire and the crowd goes crazy. It was AWESOME! It was as good as the chinese! Clearly the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is hot! Keep checking back on D-Word for the latest news on the Vancouver 2010.