Friday, December 10, 2010

Kitchen Intruder

Well uh.... Obviously, we have a, knife in the kitchen....... GENIUS. PURE GENIUS. I love the Bed Intruder Song, and even though this dosen't even come close to how awesome the Bed Intruder song is, I LOVE it. I really for the first time am speachless. I'm thinking this is gonna be my smallest post ever. For Reals. And those of you bozos that think this video is I don't know, STUPID, We gon find you. WE GON FIND YOU. I don't know what else I could possibly say so..... Kitchen Intruder is Hot. So you can run and tell that.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lady Gaga

Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop Bad Singer......   B-B-B-Bad Singer B-B-B-Bad Singer....... This lady blah blah is flop BIGTIME!!!!!!!!  There are MANY reasons not to like this so called "Singer". One is that she wears the weirdest clothes ever! One time she even wore RAW MEAT. Another is that she dosen't even sing. Its all just Auto tuning. Cause' don't get me wrong, I like that style of music, but the whole time its just auto tuning; and if you listen to the lyrics, they're not good. At all. Overall she's just your average American W-E-I-R-D-O. W for Weird, E for Eerie, I for Imbecile, R for Rat-Ugly, D for Dumb, and O for Octopus. (I couldn't think of anything that started with O.) So in other wors she's weird. If I were to see her on the street, I would call the cops. If I were to run for President, my campaign would be, If you vote for me, I'll make sure you don't end up like this person, and I'll put her face on the mechandise. If her respiratory system was as good as her singing, she wouldn't be able to breathe. I think you get the point, so lets get to it, The Final Countdown, Lady Gaga is........ F-L-O-P! F for Ferret looking, L fo Lunatic, O for Odd, and P for Pig.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Skinny Jeans

Welcome everybody to a new and revived D-Word! And welcome to a world of the very weird, skinny jeans and pants! I really don't see the point of skinny jeans. Especially on boys. I just think its sick seeing Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber copycats walking around with skinny pants. To me it just gross,sick and any other synonyms you can think of. Girls , ehh, I don't really care. It's just the boy's that I can't stand. You know, I was watching the Sonny with a Chance episode where they were all wearing Tawni's Extreme skinny jeans and got SPS(Skinny Pant Syndrome)and, I actually think that SPS actually kinda makes sense! I mean, since they're so tight, they stop your blood circulation!(By the way I love that episode.) So to wrap it up, for boys, skinny pants are just utter flop.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Annoying Orange

WAZZUP!!!!!!! Yo Kiwi! WAZZUP! Annoying Orange is AWESOME! It is simply the best! He is so annoying, yet he's hilarious! For those of you "Spudmuffins" who don't know 'bout Annoying Orange, it's a series of videos on Youtube about this orange who is annoying obviously and who makes you laugh! And what makes Annoying Orange so funny is that each time he talks to somebody, two things happen. 1. He gets on their nerves. 2. At the end, the fruit or vegetable he's talking to always gets chopped up by a knife. Plus he has this really annoying laugh and always insists that he's right. Like in one episode, he's talking to Tomato. Orange says, "Hey Apple!" Tomato says, "I'm a Tomato." Then he says, No your not, your an apple." And so on and so forth. Annoying orange is HOT! Make sure you check out the Annoying Orange videos!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies

SPECTACULAR! The opening ceremonies for the Vanvouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games was awesome! At first I knew it wasn't going to be even close to Beijing. It started becoming true because they just sang the anthem and then it was the parade of nations. So I thought it was over. But then they have like snow falling and this native american walking on ice. Then more people came. The he raised the stick he was holding and banged it into the ice. And out of nowhere coming out from the ground comes this giant magical polar bear and waves its hands! And now the people are glowing. But then the ice starts breaking and they float away. Then these totem poles sprout out of the ground and turn into trees and the whole place becomes a forest. Modern people come and Sarah Mclachlan sings a song. Then later this man dressed punk appears on a flying canoe and plays the fiddle. You can see his shadow on the moon and he starts battling with the fiddle with his shadow. the these giant maple leaves float and form a platform. Then these people dressed punk come out and surrond the platform. This man on the platform yells something I'm guessing was french and everybody goes crazy and starts tap dancing and playing fiddles and going crazy! Then there is this solo of tap dancing and then they go crazy again. Everything clears on the stage and this person starts running on a plain. He flys and then these mountains come out and people on snowboards and skis start flying around the mountain. They clear and a video of the best olympic performances shows on the mountain. Later there is fireworks and then the torch comes in. He carrys the flame to somebody else and so forth and then though technical difficulties, three of four pillars rise and hold up the bonfire plate. Each person goes and lights a pillar and the pillars set the plate on fire and the crowd goes crazy. It was AWESOME! It was as good as the chinese! Clearly the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is hot! Keep checking back on D-Word for the latest news on the Vancouver 2010.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Donovan Mcnabb

Okay, Eagle fans, I hope you're reading this, because after the Cowboy's vs. Eagles playoff game, I think that it's pretty clear that your star quarterback, wait I said the wrong word, your FLOP quarterback, is a joke with a weird Arab like goatee. I mean, c'mon, when he was walking out of the tunnel into the field, he was playing air guitar, and then he gets down low! And I'm cracking up,(by cracking up, I mean making fun of him) and then the weird part comes, he hollers and throws himself onto the security wall/window with his tongue sticking out and freaks everybody out behind the window! Clearly, he was nervous and under pressure because it was the first game in the playoffs and the Cowboys beat them two times, and he was trying to cover it up by acting all crazy. Clearly Flopavann Mcnabb is flop. So you can see the embarrassing video, here it is.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hilarious Muppets Music Video

Okay this is hilarious! Extravagant! Spectacular! Totally AWESOME! The Muppets have done it again! They took on Queen! When I was on Yahoo, I was going to check my e-mail when at the corner of my eye, I spotted Gonzo. So I went and checked it out and saw a video. So I went clicked play and I saw some silhouettes that I remembered from the Bohemian Rhapsody music video and I'm like, "What the?!" And I hear, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" And all of a sudden three chickens pop up and Gonzo's in the center. And then towards the middle, Beaker "To me!!!!!" And then the Muppet rock band Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem comes out and starts jammin' out! And then Miss Piggy goes,"Nothing really matters, but moi..." It is CRAZY! This video is hot.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cowboys Stadium

Pure awesomeness. That's what it is. Just pure, awesomeness. Jerry Jones,(The owner of the Dallas Cowboys) is a genius! And so is the man who was in charge of the project. In case you don't know, the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team". They have won five Super Bowls and two of them were back to back. Well, their stadium was built in 1971! So it is a terrible facility. This new stadium that they have just finished building is breathtaking! I recently visited the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington and while I was over there, I realized that all the pictures and videos and everything that they make about it, doesn't do that monster justice! And while we were on the tour, we were told that it has, seating for up to 100,000, is three million sq.ft. and has 10 million interior cubic ft. But that's not all! It has two Giant arches that are longer than the St. Louis Arch! Plus it has broken many records. One of them is most HD T.Vs in one building. Over 2,000! Plus another one of those records was this... "Once upon a time in the land of The Dallas Cowboys, the terrible Jonas Brothers asked King Jerry Jones if they could play for two hours, their favorite video game Halo, on the lands finest and biggest HD T.V. So they arrived in the palace of The Dallas Cowboys and when they were done playing their video game, The palace of the kingdom of The Dallas Cowboys shattered another world record. And they all lived happily ever after." Plus there is many more records that were broken that I can't remember. It's even been compared to The Colosseum! You can see all the pictures in the world, but it will not even be close to seeing it up close. And it's so awesome, it's even gonna be hosting the Cotton Bowl from now on! That's crazy 'cus how can the Cotton Bowl not be held in the building that is called The Cotton Bowl! So even though it was known even while it was still being built, The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium is hot.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrell Owens

T.O, you may be a really good wide receiver, but it's time to open your eyes! You have become a joke! From 49ers to Eagles, from Cowboys (yeah!) to the Bills! I think it's pretty clear that the awesome 89th draft pick that everybody loved has become a joke! As a Cowboy fan, so far one of my favorite days this year has been March 4th 2009. I'll remember it always as the day T.O. was released. One of the many reasons why I don't like T.O is because he can't share the ball. In fact, he was putting pressure on Quarterback Tony Romo that he wasn't passing him the ball that much and that he better pass it to him. So Romo was having to pass the ball to him even when he wasn't open! And when he finally gets the ball passed to him he dosen't catch the ball! And, this next part is ridiculous! He wrote a book called little T learns to share! And on the About T.O section it says that he wants to teach kids a variety of life lessons when he dosen't even share! Plus he has his own show called The T.O Show and his own cereal called T.O's! So I think it's pretty clear that Terrell Owens is flop.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mitchel Musso

Okay, this picture speaks it all! I mean, look at that picture! It looks like he's saying, "Please buy my CD." And, what makes it even funnier is his mesón that he has! (Spanish expression for hair like a mop.) Okay, first let me get one thing straight. I am reviewing Mitchel Musso's CD. This guy's ridiculous! What's funny is that, of course Disney Channel just wants to make money. So they always get every star on Disney Channel to get into the music industry. Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Tiffany Thornton, and so on and so forth. Well, of all people, they get Mitchel Musso. And everywhere, there saying "Featuring his HIT singles, Hey and The In Crowd!" What'da you mean hit singles! They never play it on the radio, and to me, he's not even good! I mean, seriously! It literally looks like he's saying, "Please buy my CD"! And since he's begging, it has to be terrible! And at Six Flags Over Texas, of course they got, "The one, The only....Mitchel Musso." I swear, they weren't able to get anybody else, and the only person they were able to get was Musso. Mitchel Musso, I hope you read this, cus' you need to get some sense into your head. YOU ARE FLOP.

Friday, August 7, 2009

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

When all else fails, they don't. And that is ultimately true! When everyone else failed to make an awesome G.I. Joe movie, they didn't. When people were wondering if it would be as good as Transformers and Terminator, they didn't fail. It is better than Terminator Salvation. And please, it was way better than the movie that belongs in the trash. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. C'mon! I speak the truth when I say that movie belongs in the trash! It's even as good as Transformers! Maybe even better! Basically, G.I. Joe is about a team of the best military soldiers from around the world fighting the new Cobra forces who plan to plunge the world into chaos. The main G.I. Joe in the movie are: Duke, the main soldier. General Hawk, the team general. Snake Eyes, a silent ninja. Scarlett, covert specialist. Ripcord, high ranked soldier. Heavy Duty, heavy weapons trooper and Breaker, team hacker. The main Cobras are: Destro, A weapons designer and founder of the Military Armament Research Syndicate (MARS). Cobra Commander/The Doctor, Scientist/Leader. Storm Shadow, Ninja. Zartan, Master of Disguise and Baroness, a spy. Spoiler alert! If you have not seen the movie then do not read the next three sentences! Everything was perfect for the movie except the only confusing thing that happened was that Storm Shadow is killed by Snake Eyes! Storm Shadow is like one of the main guys! What they are gonna wind up doing is in part 2 is, they'll find Storm Shadow and inject him with nanomites and he'll come back to life. So as you probably already know, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is hot! It even packed in 56.2 million! So you can by tickets to see this movie, visit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Romano's Macaroni Grill

Chicken Parmesan...Lasagna...Cannelloni... Is there anything that this restaurant doesn't serve?! It's one thing when you serve practically everything in Italy. But it's another thing when you actually make the food delicious! I shared the Mama's Trio with Celeste, Jaime, and of course, my mama. Mama's Trio included Primo Chicken Parmesan, Layers of Lasagna and Chicken Cannelloni. It was muy fantastico! (As they say in Italy.) The Cannelloni had small pieces of chicken, with a noodle, melted cheese ,and tomato sauce wrapped all around it and a tiny piece of parsley on top. The Chicken Parmesan was a big pice of battered chicken breast with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese on top and small leaf of parsley. And don't even get me started on the Lasagna! It was made of layers of noodles with meat and sauce in between, a small amount of onions and cheese and tomato sauce on top. Olive Garden, it's time to face the truth, Macaroni Grill is better! Even when you first walk in, the aroma smells of cheese, hard work, and five stars. And the bathrooms! They teach you how to speak Italian! When I heard about this, I just had to go check it out myself. Let's just say I stayed in there until I learned a whole sentence. I don't know about you, but as you've probably already guessed, Romano's Macaroni Grill is Hot!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kobe vs. Lebron

The Black Mamba... King James... perhaps the greatest names in the NBA. But who comes out on top? Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James? Well I'd have to say that this is a pretty tough decision. Because both are smart, athletic, and talented. They are both the best players in the NBA. Well, Kobe Bryant is an all around player that can do anything, but he mostly sticks to getting the ball inside and making twos. But whats hard about Kobe is that, once he's already inside you can not stop him! Lebron James is smart and can do amazing dunks! But what I don't understand, is why people are comparing "King James" to Air Jordan! Michael Jordan was the greatest! Even if all five defenders were guarding him, even if he got fouled, he would still make it in the hoop! He could do anything and is the best player in the world! And it's true thanks to the Olympics! Lebron James may be the best player in the NBA right now, but Kobe is the closest to Michael. But even though Kobe's closest, he is still not close to Jordan. So this is a tough decision. I'd have to say that I think Kobe Bryant comes out on top. But still, both Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are both hot right now. But that is an opinion. So you can decide yourself, watch this video.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam Lambert

Trash, Trash, Trash! Garbage, Garbage, Garbage! All he does is just do the same thing every time he sings, Huahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It burns, burns burns in the ring of fire, the ring of fire. Huahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The only reason that millions of people love him is probably just that in the middle of the night they fell off of their beds and woke up loving this gay singer, Adam Lambert. I mean nail polish, eye liner, ridiculous black hair! C'mon people snap out of it! To start with, he doesn't even sing good. And then he does the same thing every single time he sings, he sticks his tongue out and screams! And you wanna know what's funny 'bout this guy? It seems like he can't survive without sticking his tongue out! And then his style of singing is 80's hair band. Even if he did win American Idol, he wouldn't make it into the music industry. The only bands that still sing that style are the ones from the old days like KISS and all them. So even though he's hot right now, I'd have to say he's actually flop.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Okay, I don't know where to start. This movie is fantastic! Some people may not wanna see it cause they say, "Oh no! I don't wanna see that movie! It's about learning! Duhhhh..." If you're one of those people, then quit. This movie is great! Basically, Larry Daley, previous security guard of a museum, infiltrates the Smithsonian to save Jedediah and Octavius when they are accidentally shipped to the Smithsonian along with a tablet that brings the biggest museum in the world to life. Because of that, Kahmunrah forms an alliance with Napolean Bonaparte, Ivan the Terrible, and Al Capone to take over the world. So I'm gonna go ahead and say this again, this movie is GREAT. Even though it dosen't seem real that the whole movie takes place in one night, it is a very good movie. I mean, not only is it funny it's, I don't even know what to say. It is just, fantastic. So I don't care what you say, this movie is hot! In case you wanna get tickets to see Night at The Museum, visit the following link,