Sunday, January 10, 2010

Donovan Mcnabb

Okay, Eagle fans, I hope you're reading this, because after the Cowboy's vs. Eagles playoff game, I think that it's pretty clear that your star quarterback, wait I said the wrong word, your FLOP quarterback, is a joke with a weird Arab like goatee. I mean, c'mon, when he was walking out of the tunnel into the field, he was playing air guitar, and then he gets down low! And I'm cracking up,(by cracking up, I mean making fun of him) and then the weird part comes, he hollers and throws himself onto the security wall/window with his tongue sticking out and freaks everybody out behind the window! Clearly, he was nervous and under pressure because it was the first game in the playoffs and the Cowboys beat them two times, and he was trying to cover it up by acting all crazy. Clearly Flopavann Mcnabb is flop. So you can see the embarrassing video, here it is.

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