Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrell Owens

T.O, you may be a really good wide receiver, but it's time to open your eyes! You have become a joke! From 49ers to Eagles, from Cowboys (yeah!) to the Bills! I think it's pretty clear that the awesome 89th draft pick that everybody loved has become a joke! As a Cowboy fan, so far one of my favorite days this year has been March 4th 2009. I'll remember it always as the day T.O. was released. One of the many reasons why I don't like T.O is because he can't share the ball. In fact, he was putting pressure on Quarterback Tony Romo that he wasn't passing him the ball that much and that he better pass it to him. So Romo was having to pass the ball to him even when he wasn't open! And when he finally gets the ball passed to him he dosen't catch the ball! And, this next part is ridiculous! He wrote a book called little T learns to share! And on the About T.O section it says that he wants to teach kids a variety of life lessons when he dosen't even share! Plus he has his own show called The T.O Show and his own cereal called T.O's! So I think it's pretty clear that Terrell Owens is flop.

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