Monday, October 19, 2009

Cowboys Stadium

Pure awesomeness. That's what it is. Just pure, awesomeness. Jerry Jones,(The owner of the Dallas Cowboys) is a genius! And so is the man who was in charge of the project. In case you don't know, the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team". They have won five Super Bowls and two of them were back to back. Well, their stadium was built in 1971! So it is a terrible facility. This new stadium that they have just finished building is breathtaking! I recently visited the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington and while I was over there, I realized that all the pictures and videos and everything that they make about it, doesn't do that monster justice! And while we were on the tour, we were told that it has, seating for up to 100,000, is three million sq.ft. and has 10 million interior cubic ft. But that's not all! It has two Giant arches that are longer than the St. Louis Arch! Plus it has broken many records. One of them is most HD T.Vs in one building. Over 2,000! Plus another one of those records was this... "Once upon a time in the land of The Dallas Cowboys, the terrible Jonas Brothers asked King Jerry Jones if they could play for two hours, their favorite video game Halo, on the lands finest and biggest HD T.V. So they arrived in the palace of The Dallas Cowboys and when they were done playing their video game, The palace of the kingdom of The Dallas Cowboys shattered another world record. And they all lived happily ever after." Plus there is many more records that were broken that I can't remember. It's even been compared to The Colosseum! You can see all the pictures in the world, but it will not even be close to seeing it up close. And it's so awesome, it's even gonna be hosting the Cotton Bowl from now on! That's crazy 'cus how can the Cotton Bowl not be held in the building that is called The Cotton Bowl! So even though it was known even while it was still being built, The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium is hot.

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