Friday, April 16, 2010

Annoying Orange

WAZZUP!!!!!!! Yo Kiwi! WAZZUP! Annoying Orange is AWESOME! It is simply the best! He is so annoying, yet he's hilarious! For those of you "Spudmuffins" who don't know 'bout Annoying Orange, it's a series of videos on Youtube about this orange who is annoying obviously and who makes you laugh! And what makes Annoying Orange so funny is that each time he talks to somebody, two things happen. 1. He gets on their nerves. 2. At the end, the fruit or vegetable he's talking to always gets chopped up by a knife. Plus he has this really annoying laugh and always insists that he's right. Like in one episode, he's talking to Tomato. Orange says, "Hey Apple!" Tomato says, "I'm a Tomato." Then he says, No your not, your an apple." And so on and so forth. Annoying orange is HOT! Make sure you check out the Annoying Orange videos!

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