Monday, June 29, 2009

Kobe vs. Lebron

The Black Mamba... King James... perhaps the greatest names in the NBA. But who comes out on top? Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James? Well I'd have to say that this is a pretty tough decision. Because both are smart, athletic, and talented. They are both the best players in the NBA. Well, Kobe Bryant is an all around player that can do anything, but he mostly sticks to getting the ball inside and making twos. But whats hard about Kobe is that, once he's already inside you can not stop him! Lebron James is smart and can do amazing dunks! But what I don't understand, is why people are comparing "King James" to Air Jordan! Michael Jordan was the greatest! Even if all five defenders were guarding him, even if he got fouled, he would still make it in the hoop! He could do anything and is the best player in the world! And it's true thanks to the Olympics! Lebron James may be the best player in the NBA right now, but Kobe is the closest to Michael. But even though Kobe's closest, he is still not close to Jordan. So this is a tough decision. I'd have to say that I think Kobe Bryant comes out on top. But still, both Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are both hot right now. But that is an opinion. So you can decide yourself, watch this video.

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